You might be dreaming about this lifestyle, but even despite having all the tools to get it, you may not be ready for a change. Don’t worry, the knowledge you acquire during the course, won’t disappear. Some details might change but the core will be the same even if you only feel ready a year or two later. At least then, you will have a much better understanding of this industry. You will also be able to download all the course materials, so you will have the most important information with you whenever you need it.
Plus, the course of CV writing and presenting yourself at the job interview will be useful for any position on land too. Everything that you learn here will help you write an excellent CV for any other industry as well.

No. Obviously being able to sail or navigate will be beneficial and will speed up the process of finding work on superyachts. However, unless you want to work on deck, you don’t need to have sailing skills. As you develop in your career on superyachts, It will be solely up to you whether you want to learn how to sail. It will help and it will increase the number of boats you can work on, but it is not absolutely indispensable. You will still have plenty of boats to work on. What can be useful to know are docking skills, but you will learn all this while already onboard.

And if you dream of a career on deck, but you can’t sail yet, just know that you don’t need to be an experienced sailor for most junior deck jobs. Basic skills will be sufficient and then you will learn more while working on a yacht. Then you will be able to do more courses between the jobs, when you already have funds for them and you are certain that this is the path you want to follow. 

It depends on your individual circumstances and your determination. If you spend an hour a day, it shouldn’t take more than 15 days to finish PREMIUM package the course, 9 days to finish STANDARD package and 6 days to finish CORE package. In all three cases, you should also have your CV ready and be prepared for a job interview by then.

Here it also depends on your individual circumstances and determination. If you want to do it as soon as possible, you need 6-8 days for your STCW’95 and ENG1 medical test. Then you need to go to a superyacht hub and start looking for a job. If you use all my tips from the course and your CV has been written according to my instructions, it shouldn’t take you longer that two weeks to find a job. So as you an see, you can safely assume that you can get a job within a month from finishing the course, but I just need to warn you that it will be strenuous. However, if you want to do it without pressure, I suggest giving yourself two or three months. It will give you time to finish your things at home, say all the good-byes and just enjoy the process.

You can always pay the difference and upgrade. We organise periodical sales and it is sometimes worth waiting for an offer to get a better price. We will let you know about all our offers.

No, you will learn about the types of jobs available on superyachts, but not how to do them. In order to learn how to do a particular job you need specialist training. I will tell you during the course which qualifications will be beneficial at the beginning of your career and which can be done later. It can also happen that your current work experience from land will be sufficient to find a job on a superyacht and you won’t have to spend money on the additional training.

You can only return the course and get a refund until you have logged onto the course platform and got access to the course. After that, it is not possible to get a refund for the course.

Unfortunately during pandemic it has been more difficult to get a job on a superyacht, especially if you don’t have experience. I have seen people get jobs though even their first jobs on yachts, but the numbers were limited compared to previous years.
The good news though is that the minute pandemic is over, superyachts will be busier than ever. Billionaires are not used to having anything restricted, so they will try to make up for what they haven’t been able to do. There will be a lot of new billionaires as after any crisis too. I predict summer 2021 will see a big boom when it comes to jobs on superyachts. You will be in a good place if in April 2021 you are ready to look for a job.
However, if 2021 is still quiet and limited due to pandemic we will extend your subscription for the course until everything is back to normal.

Start your adventure on a luxurious superyacht- it’s only a matter of your decision and determination. A salary of several thousand Euros, meeting billionaires, adventures and unlimited travel is just around the corner.


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