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Hi, I’m Dorota

Yachtie, traveller, explorer, living my best life

I have worked on superyachts for the last five years. I have always wanted to travel, as it gives me a sense of freedom and the possibility to discover the world and learn more about myself. Working on yachts made all my dreams about adventures, meeting new people and trying interesting local food come true. It also gave me a good stable income and serious savings. 

It hasn’t always been that way

Before I discovered superyachts, I had been changing countries and jobs in search of my path. However, I discovered that living and working in one place always had its limits. Sooner or later the routine was taking over, pushing me into another comfort zone that wasn’t that cosy after all. 

I was living from one holiday to another

I was always sitting at work and counting the days till my next trip and my limited holiday allowance was never enough. I never felt a part of the crowd or wanted to live their life; I wasn’t interested in accumulating things or settling down. Having a mortgage  meant losing freedom. 

I was looking for ways I could travel full time but earn money as well

I had considered various options, but they were never sufficient. They either didn’t offer a good or stable income or the possibility of working with people. In the best-case scenario, they required a long and complex education before you could earn a penny. I had read about superyachts, but it seemed you stood no chance unless you could sail. 

Superyachts and my decision

It was only when I met someone who worked on superyachts and who explained step by step what was needed to get a job on a yacht, that I realised that it was the lifestyle I was looking for, and that it was completely accessible to someone like me. Once I learned this, I was determined to  become a ‘yachtie’. 

Doubts, challenges and determination

Getting ready for such a big change in life was stressful. I was overwhelmed and confused with the amount of information and the different options. How did I know which courses would be beneficial  to start  how many were necessary? What if I spent all my money on training but I didn’t get a job? Yet despite a few sleepless nights and quite a few doubts I persevered, because I knew the superyacht lifestyle was what I wanted.

And it paid off! I got a job on the first day!

I arrived in Mallorca in search of a job on a superyacht on 24th July 2015 equipped with a CV and a few certificates and  the next day I had a job! Yes, I got my first job on my first day there. 

How did I manage to find a job in one day?

My education as well as previous corporate experience helped a lot. I had studied writing so I knew how to compose a  CV that highlighted the necessary skills and I had considerable interview experience.. When the opportunity to work on a superyacht arrived, I was prepared to present myself as the  crew member they were looking for

What happened next?

All my dreams came true! I travelled around the world,  had amazing adventures and I was able to save a good amount of money too. I worked as a cook/stew, stewardess, chief stew and finally got my dream job as a chef. I helped on deck and in the engine room gaining experience in each department. The jobs were usually  seasonal but I never had a problem finding my next gig, because I knew what recruiters were looking for on CVs and at interview. 

How have I become and expert on CV writing and job interviews?

I was asked numerous times by my captains to help with the recruitment of other crew members. As a recruiter I saw many badly written CVs, which ended up in the bin. I understood that what I found easy was sometimes a real challenge for others. I started helping other crew members write or update their CVs and preparing for  job interviews. That’s how I became an expert at both sides of the process. 

How I can help you

My course will guide you step by step through the whole process of preparing and looking for a job on a superyacht, teaching you all about this amazing lifestyle and helping you get your dream job. By following my course, I can save you the frustration and uncertainty that I went through when I was preparing for my lifestyle change. I will also equip you with all the tools that helped me to get my first superyacht position in one day. 

Why I want to help others to work on superyachts

I have met lots of people who are amazed by my lifestyle but did not even know it existed as an option.  Whilst working on the yachts and since coming ashore I have answered hundreds of questions and replied to requests for help with the process including which courses to take,  correcting and revamping CVs and preparing for job interviews. Usually the people who received my help were able to find a job within a week even if  it had previously taken them weeks or months. I’ve received many thankful notes and photos of happy yachties, but my biggest reward is the satisfaction that I have gained in assisting others in getting their dream job. I have also found that helping and supporting people  to swap their safe comfortable lifestyle for an exciting adventure they had only dreamed of gives me immense joy and reward and I want to share this with you now.

Let me introduce you to an amazing adventure!

Start your adventure on a luxurious superyacht- it’s only a matter of your decision and determination. A salary of several thousand Euros, meeting billionaires, adventures and unlimited travel is just around the corner.


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