BASIC Package

You will receive an annual subscription to four lessons, which will help you progress getting a job on a yacht in a prompt and stress-free step by step process

This package is also beneficial if you already work on a superyacht, but you need further support with CV writing and interview skills to be more successful at getting jobs. 

Product description

Introduction to Yachting
Introduction to Yachting

All the basics you need to know about superyachts and working on them.

Writing a Good CV
Writing a Good CV

Step by step process of CV writing with all my tips and secrets for creating that perfect CV.

Now that You Have a CV
Now that You Have a CV

How and where to look for job offers and lots of useful tips on how to apply to get noticed.

Interview for a Yacht Job
Interview for a Yacht Job

What to expect at the interview and how to prepare for it to present yourself as a confident crew member.

  • A CV planner, in which you can plan your CV step by step
  • Examples of CV formats to use
  • A PDF with professional phrases that you can insert in your CV
  • A list of Facebook groups and Crew Agencies, where you can look for a job or obtain additional information (not that you will need any after this course!!)
  • How to analyse job posts, and create a matching CV
  • How to present your previous work experience, so it highlights your skills that will be useful on a yacht.
  • How to design your CV, making the most relevant information most visible
  • What a photo on a CV should look like
  • Good phrases to use in a CV to sound professional, even if your writing isn’t perfect
  • Where to look for a job
  • Most important Facebook groups that you should join
  • Most important Crew Agencies that you should also join
  • How to apply for a job
  • What is dock-walking and how to prepare for it
  • What is day-working and how to prepare for it
  • The rules of networking
  • What your social media profiles should look like
  • How you will be contacted by your potential employers
  • Where the interviews are held
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • What are the most important questions asked at the interview and how to prepare your answers
  • The questions you should ask at the interview
  • How to present yourself at the interview
  • What else to say
  • Conducting yourself after the interview

BASIC Package

  • Basic overview about superyachts
  • Basic overview about crew and qualifications
  • Detailed training in CV writing, interview presentation and the process of looking for a job
  • CV planner
  • Access to a closed FB group
  • Access to 1 Live Q&A Session in This Course
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