Professional Superyacht CV/Resume Modern or Classic


Here you can choose between a

  • Classic (Word style) CV – tell me your favourite colour and I will create your ‘brand’ colour scheme!
  • Modern (colour block) CV

See the examples and read more about your styles in Product Description below.

If you only want to invest in one version, pick the CV style that you feel is more you.

You can also order an extra version of your CV if you plan to apply for more than one type of jobs e.g.

  • Stewardess and Cook Stew
  • Cook Stew and Chef
  • Stewardess and Deckhand
  • Captain and First Mate

e-mail me if you’re interested

Product description

Modern Style CV
Modern Style CV

This layout makes use of colour blocks to highlight relevant information and is very eye-catching. Perfect if you plan to look for a job on Facebook or by dock-walking.

Classic Style CV
Classic Style CV

This layout works better when plan to register with crew agencies as many of them prefer a simple Word (.docx) format that they can alter to their preferred agency style before sending to clients.

Professional Superyacht CV/Resume Modern or Classic

  • Modern Yacht CV
  • Classic Yacht CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Agency Profile text
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