Chef’s Portfolio Package

Ensure your menus and food photos look as appealing as your food.

As a chef you know that food needs to appeal to all the senses, not just the palate; and it’s the same for your portfolio.

All your documents given a clean and consistent look, suggesting your brand, style and professionalism.

This package is for you if you want a set of tools that will help you present yourself as a professional Chef.

  • Modern (clean look) CV
  • Guest Menu Plan
  • Food Photo Collage

Your CV, Guest Menu, and your Food Photo Collage, will all get the matching design, so you can present your Chef skills and talent in a nice frame.

If you want a Portfolio that:

  • Gets you shortlisted for the jobs you want
  • Puts you ahead of the crowd
  • Gives you confidence at interview
  • Makes you proud of who you are and your achievements


Product description

Modern Style CV
Modern Style CV

Well-loved by recruiters! CV designed in the way that highlights all the information that is relevant for the recruiters. They will see what they are looking for in the first 5 second scan of your CV and they will know that you are the candidate they are looking for.

Guest Menu
Guest Menu

Your Seven day Guest Menu given a professional and clean look.

Food Photos
Food Photos

Your beautiful dishes presented in an organised, clean background, so they get the exposure they deserve.

Chef’s Portfolio Package

  • Modern Professional Superyacht CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Agency Profile text
  • Menu for guests
  • Menu for crew
  • Pictures of the dishes
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