A Good CV Is Crucial But Not Enough

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A Good CV Is Crucial But Not Enough

A good CV is incredibly important when you look for a job on a superyacht, whether you have plenty of experience or just at the beginning of your career. However, in such a highly competitive industry that yachting is, you also have to make sure that your CV gets noticed. There may be up to four hundred applicants for one position on a superyacht, so you really need to make sure you do everything right to get ahead of that crowd.


In my recruitment times I have seen a lot of bad application manners. It became clear to me that not everyone understands that it not only is the quality of your resume, but also the whole application process that can either increase or hinder your chances of getting a job.

If you have invested your time and effort or money in a really good CV, you should also make sure that the recruiters will want to read it. If you follow a good application practice, you will get bonus points even before your resume gets opened.

Follow these rules and you are guaranteed that your CV will be granted attention from your recruiters, and when that happens, make sure it is of a really good quality. All they need is this one perfect candidate, do you know how to show them it’s YOU?!


I have listed the DOs and DON’Ts of an application process, to help you understand what can make you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job on a superyacht.

  • DO only apply for jobs you have qualifications and experience for
  • DO have a clear idea what job you are applying for
  • DO have a good covering letter and agency profile
  • DO make sure your CV clearly states your skills and qualifications needed for the particular position
  • DO apply through the channel requested in the job post
  • DO attach all documents as requested
  • DO name all documents respectively
  • DO only send the reference letters that can be checked
  • DO save the job posts for the jobs you applied for
  • DON’T send an application e-mail that looks like an automated message
  • DON’T apply for jobs you don’t have enough experience/qualifications for
  • DON’T send the same CV for every job you apply for
  • DON’T beg for a job
  • DON’T be pushy
  • DON’T be unprepared when they call you

Follow these rules and it is guaranteed that your CV will be granted attention from your recruiters, and when that happens, make sure it is of a good quality. All they need is this one perfect candidate, can you show them that it’s YOU?!

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