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Congratulations! You have looked after yourself well and booked a CV service with us! Thank you for your trust. 

In order to prepare your CV I need to know as much as possible about your skills, qualifications, experience and personality so I can present your full potential on it.  Please click on this link and fill out the form. Please provide me with as much information as possible, everything might be relevant. As the old superyacht rule goes: better too much than not enough.

You will also find space to attach a photo, don’t forget to upload your best shot! Your CV will be ready within 10 working days from the submission of the form. If I feel I need more information from you please allow me to contact you directly, so I can make sure that I have presented you in the best possible way. 

I wish you best of luck finding your best superyacht gig!

Start your adventure on a luxurious superyacht- it’s only a matter of your decision and determination. A salary of several thousand Euros, meeting billionaires, adventures and unlimited travel is just around the corner.


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