Yes, Days Like this Really Happen on a Superyacht!

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Yes, Days Like this Really Happen on a Superyacht!

Days like this don’t happen all the time, but they are frequent enough and every yachtie has a bunch of such memories that stay with us forever.

We were on our way back from the charter cruising from Menorca to our home birth in Mallorca. Our charter guests had already flown back home from Menorca with their private jet, so there were just the four of us, the crew. The weather was just perfect, it was August and the Sun was still pretty high up delivering an overwhelming amount of heat that was only made bearable by the gentle sea breeze. Our next charter wasn’t starting until the following week, so we were happy and relaxed, there was no need to rush back. We were cruising lazily enjoying the views. I was sunbathing on the upper deck feeling pretty content with my my life.

All of a sudden the Captain’s loud voice coming from the radio threw me out of my trance. ‘All crew, all crew, there is a plan to stop for lunch in the nice small bay that is just nearby. We can have a swim, a nice lunch and a siesta. Obviously that means that we will arrive in Mallorca much later than planned, but is anyone in a hurry here?’ – the Captain wasn’t even waiting for the response the yacht started turning into the bay already.


The views were jaw dropping, the bay was surrounded by picturesque green hills, the small sandy beach was completely empty, the only access from land required a long hike through the mountains, there were clearly no volunteers, so we had it all to ourselves, a rare opportunity in Mallorca in high season. When we anchored and switched off the engine, the bay became calm, peaceful and quiet again.


Not for long though, once the boat was secured all four of us rushed to the swimming platform and started jumping into the sea. We screamed and laughed showing off with more and more crazy jumps. When we got bored with jumps we took our SEABOBs and started racing. I almost lost the bottom part of my bikini with the speed, the guys were laughing at my frantic moves trying to keep it where it was supposed to be. Oh well, hard life!

I abandoned my SEABOB, seeing that I wouldn’t be able to keep my swimwear on with it and I went for a solitary swim enjoying the views and the lack of crowds. A rare opportunity at the European beaches in the middle of the summer.


When I came back to the boat the Chef had already started preparing our lunch, my favourite ceviche! I set the table at the aft deck and we sat down to have his amazing food accompanied with a leftover bottle of not the cheapest wine from our last charter. Everything was just perfect, the views, the weather, the food and the wine and also the company. We’d gone through a lot during that busy charter season and now we were already like a family. Our moods were additionally elevated by a thousand euro tip that each of us received from the last charter guests and I was also happy because I managed to buy a beautiful dress for my sister in my favourite boutique in Menorca and can I just add that we were also paid for that day of ‘work’.


Days like this don’t happen all the time, but they are frequent enough and every yachtie has a bunch of such memories that stay will with us forever.

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