Do You Struggle to Find a Job in Yachting?

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Do You Struggle to Find a Job in Yachting?

Another week and you still haven’t found a job? Hundreds of CVs sent with no reply? Or was it procrastination that was holding you back from not doing enough to get a job? Your last season’s hard earned money is melting down faster that the Arctic glacier and you start feeling helpless and frustrated? Do you wish you knew what it is that is standing between you and your next job? Then read on, the answer is in this article.

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If your job application process is ineffective then there must be a clear reason for it. From my experience in yachting I know it is not the lack of qualifications or previous yachting experience, it is not your age, nationality, or looks. There is a place for everyone who is determined and has the right attitude to work on superyachts. Each yacht has got their own crew preferences and they can vary like the North Pole from the Equator. So if you are struggling to find a job on a superyacht, it is ONLY because you haven’t quite mastered the application process yet. But don’t worry, this can be easily improved!


It never took more than two weeks for me to find a job in yachting. In fact, I found my first job on a superyacht after handing out just ONE CV. I haven’t invested in a lot of courses, I didn’t have years of experience and I don’t know that many people in the industry. But what I do know is how to go through the whole application process to be offered a position at the end of it. And today I’m here to share my tips with you.


If you are feeling stressed and frustrated with how things go, take a step back. Take a day to relax. Reward yourself for all the effort you have already put into finding a job. Well done! Just know that every “no” you have heard has moved you closer to a “yes”. And that “yes” will inevitably come if you do all the things right.


And when you get your positive energy back, take time to reflect on which parts of the job application process you need to improve in order to be more efficient at finding jobs. Without whipping yourself up just analyse what you still need to work on and here are the points to consider.

  • Is your CV definitely up to the standard and gets you invitations for job interviews?
  • Do you apply for jobs in the right way and at the right sources?
  • Do you present yourself as a confident crew member that has skills, experience and qualifications the recruiters are looking for?

An honest answer to each of these questions will already show you what to work on and what skills to improve. Each of these steps has to be planned and if you have a good strategy, you are already ahead of the crowd that don’t. As a recruiter on superyachts I have seen many people with probably great skills and experience that were just shooting themselves in the foot with their poor CVs and presentation skills. If you don’t want to be one of them, then there are things to do!


When you know the rules of creating a good CV, proper application process and you have good interview skills you will get a job sooner rather than later. The competition in yachting is high that is true and no secret, but most of these people do not know how to present themselves, do not invest time into a good research and simply expect that they will get a job because they want to. If you master the all three parts of the application process your chances for getting a job will increase tremendously.

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