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After years of having my own company I decided to follow my passion for sailing and start a career in yachting. It was a huge life-changing decision, and I was still shocked about it when I needed to look at myself and point out those of my skills that would be beneficial in this completely new industry. I found it difficult to present myself this way and show why I would be a good crew member. 

Then Dorota arrived at the scene and took out of me everything I couldn’t notice. She looked at my experiences and skills and made me realize I was capable of a lot more than I ever thought. She also showed me that my seemingly irrelevant experience from land was actually useful on yachts. She squeezed the best out of me!

When it comes to layout, she helped me present all the information without removing my personal style, keeping me confident about myself when the opportunity came to send my CV.

Dorota was definitely fundamental in helping me get in the industry. And now being a yachtie I know I made the right decision. Yachting is an open door to the world and to people of different countries and cultures, as well as participating, understanding and living close to nature. 

Start your adventure on a luxurious superyacht- it’s only a matter of your decision and determination. A salary of several thousand Euros, meeting billionaires, adventures and unlimited travel is just around the corner.


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